My Story

Hi! I’m Jen, Internationally Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant, Registered Nurse and Mother of three.

My passion for sleep began when my first child was around 6 weeks old. He was the newborn that struggled to close his eyes for those “sleepy” newborn pictures! 😉 It was about this time when I began feeling out of my depth and lack confidence in my parenting ability.

He fed when he was hungry so I had expectations that my son would would “just sleep” when he was tired.

I would cry most evenings dreading the night ahead. My coping mechanism was to act like everything was great. I felt that I could not let anyone see my struggles or ask for help because I should “just instinctually know” what to do for my own child.

This pressure I put on myself left me feeling anxious and alone.

One day after psyching myself up to leave the house, I went to the nearest bookstore and grabbed the first baby book I could find! Luckily it was a good one, filled with practical, relatable advice written by a nurse like myself. It encouraged me to learn all about my baby, including the basics of being able to provide healthy sleep.

It ignited a huge passion inside of me as I began to feel more energised, confident, and less exhausted. For the first time I understood how I was going to support my son and knew how to be intuitively guided by his cues. With more and more practice, I continued to be blown away with my son’s responses and how much happier he was. I thought to myself, I did this!

The second guessing stopped, and I finally felt happy again. My son showed me that I was meeting both of our needs (one of them being sleep) without sacrificing life enjoyments.

By the time I had my second and third child, I had really started to thrive as a mother. Every baby is unique with different temperaments and preferences, and this should never be underestimated …trust me! With my increased understanding I have been able to provide them all with healthy sleep in a nurtured and supportive way designed specifically for them

I want you to feel this too.

Supporting and educating others during vulnerable times and uncertainty has always felt natural to me in my nursing career. I began sharing my knowledge and passion with as many people as I could that were having similar struggles.

I went on and furthered my study to become an Internationally Certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant to learn even more about sleep and how to support families with children up to 5 years of age. It was during this time Sleep Thrive Grow was born!

Sleep Thrive Grow Philosophy

Here at STG we believe Sleep is an essential component in allowing a family to Thrive and Grow together.

In order to achieve this, we have recognised that families need a combination of education and support. We pride ourselves on creating a personal and holistic guided system designed in a way that is relatable to you. Our approach continues to nurture your baby’s biological capabilities and individual temperament traits alongside your own values and preferences.

This unique support bubble creates a safe space to receive non-judgmental guidance for you to begin to trust and feel sleep confident. This is what we believe to be the key in nurturing long lasting change and allowing a clear path for your intuition to shine.

Benefits seen from our programs include but are not limited to:
Increased confidence and feelings of empowerment
A greater intuitive feeling in parenting
A stronger belief and understanding in your child’s ability and biological capability with sleeping independently
Increased knowledge and skills in how to troubleshoot and support your baby through normal developmental changes
Happier child, happier parents!
More energy and enjoyment
Enhancing secure parent and child relationships
Sustainable routines
Increased understanding and knowledge on the importance and sleep requirements throughout a child’s developmental stages and ages
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