Phone Support 3 months – 5 Years


Does a lifetime of healthy sleeping sound like a dream? Using our holistic approach to sleep, we leave no stone unturned when creating a method that will work for your family. We provide you with a personalised step by step plan alongside our ongoing support to ensure that quality sleep becomes the new reality.

You will receive

  • Preliminary sleep questionnaire allowing me to get to know and assess your personal situation
  • Follow up introductory phone call and discussion
  • Personalised sleep plan designed specifically for your child
  • Information on a settling method suited to your style of parenting and your child’s temperament traits
  • 2 weeks of our support when implementing your sleep plan
  • Access our online sleep log where we can both keep track of progress duringthe 14 days we will work together
  • A final email providing future recommendations and the next age appropriate routine


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