Phone Support Infant


Firstly congratulations! Whether it’s your first, second, third or even forth child, some informative guidance and support can go a long way! Up until 3 months old, we can begin to lay down all the essential foundations your child will need to achieve healthy sleep. We provide you with your own sleep guidelines that include personalised suggestions, as well as ways to help calm, soothe and settle your newborn during their transition into the world.

You will receive

  • Preliminary sleep questionnaire allowing me to get to know and assess your personal situation
  • Follow up introductory phone call and discussion
  • Comprehensive sleep guidelines with personalised suggestions and realistic expectations
  • Information on ways to calm, soothe and settle your baby
  • 2 weeks of our support while you implement your sleep guidelines
  • A final email providing future recommendations and routine examples for your child’s the next stage of life.


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