Sleep Express


Do you feel comfortable and confident that with the right direction, you could happily support some sleep changes yourself?

Who is it for?

Sleep express is a great package for families experiencing smaller sleep issues. This could be something such as early rising, sleep regression, nap transitions or if you require guidance with overnight weaning. If your baby or toddler is still needing some practice with developing independent sleep, we recommend one of our more comprehensive package options, so you do not look back! This service is available worldwide.

What can I expect?

To feel empowered with knowledge and tools allowing for a clear plan and direction to form. This includes advise in the areas you need and troubleshooting strategies.

  • Two 1:1 personalised phone calls. One planning call of 40 minutes duration and one follow up 30-minute call.
  • 2-page document summary covering the key points and focus of our conversation to move forward independently
  • A detailed handout on a recommended settling method suited to you and your baby if required
  • Option to access more supportive follow up services if needed

This package also works well for previous clients who have become a little unstuck due to whatever reason and would like to start thriving again.



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