Sleep Guidance Package


With so much information out there on baby sleep, how are you to know what to try next or what may be the best solution for your baby? 

Sometimes you just can’t find the answer you are looking for or you may just be too tired to think! Am I right?

Please don’t lose hope!

Who is it for?

6 weeks old- 5 years of age worldwide.

What can I expect?

Sleep Guidance package is designed to take away the overwhelm with a one-time supportive call. You will get to hire my brain for 40 minutes to offload (I’ve been there) as well as gain a clearer direction with tips and strategies. Have your pen and paper ready to jot down the answers to your concerns and worries and walk away with the clarity you need to move forward.

Please note that this call does not contain any follow up services. If you decide after the call that you would like some more help and support on this journey, the price of the Sleep Guidance call will be deducted from one of our more comprehensive sleep support package options. 



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