Sleep Support Package


Does a lifetime of healthy sleeping sound like a dream? I promise you it doesn’t have to be! We combine our unique and holistic support system alongside sleep science and evidenced based approaches, to tailor personalised step by step guidance for your family. This ensures us that quality, restorative sleep will become the new reality.

Who is it for?

This package has been designed to support your child from 3.5 months- 5 years of age. Available worldwide.

What can I expect?

Sleep! This is what we do best. We will create a plan that will compliment and support the uniqueness of your family. Our flexible and tailored support system allows for any adjustments and tweaks along the way, to ensure it remains personal to you.

Support can be provided over regular phone calls or via zoom video calls.

  • Our preliminary sleep questionnaire will allow me to get to know and assess your personal situation and structure tailored support
  • Comprehensive sleep plan emailed to you that has been designed specifically for your family
  • A detailed handout on a recommended settling method suited to you and your baby
  • 2 weeks of contact while implementing your sleep plan
  • Access to our online sleep log where we can monitor progress during the 14 days of support
  • A final email providing future recommendations and routines for your baby’s growing changes
  • Follow up email check in a week after support has finished


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