The Essential 3-8 Month Sleep Guide


The Essential 3-8 Month Sleep Guide has been designed to provide you with everything you need to know about supporting your baby towards balanced and restorative sleep both day and night. Your baby has come a long way since those first 3 months and so have you! By now you will have noticed that your baby is a real little person, with their own personality and temperament. You can finally remove your parenting training wheels and begin to settle into a more comfortable groove.

Biological systems have matured by this age, making it fantastic age to start thinking about sleep and how you can support your baby best. This guide provides easy-to-read information in assisting you to navigate your way through the ups and downs, developments and the continuous changes you will face, just when you think you have gotten the hang of it all!

This beautiful 100-page guide covers:

  • Sleep Environments
  • Sleep Hygiene
  • Safe Sleep Practices
  • The Biology of Sleep
  • Sleep Regressions
  • Sleep Guide- Naps, Overnights
  • Catnapping
  • Early Morning Wakings
  • Overnight Feeds
  • Recommended Routines
  • Expected Transitions
  • Sleep Disruptions
  • Settling Strategies
  • Nutrition and Sleep

And so much more!

Created for first, second, third time parents and beyond.

*Please note that the link supplied on purchase of the guide is a once-off link, so please be ready to save it to your device.



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