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More About This Guide:

The Toddler Sleep Guide has been designed to provide you with a clearer understanding and practical advice to support your 2–5-year-old towards balanced and restorative sleep both day and night.

Life has certainly become a lot faster! Your child is now busier than ever before and with less naps around, catching a regular break, a moment to think and some self-care opportunities can feel like a distant memory.

If you have not yet realised that there is no such thing as a perfect parent, your toddler’s way of processing the world in all its beauty (and challenges) will quickly remind you! Not every toddler sleep problem can be solved entirely, some will simply pass as they grow. But do not worry, this guide has thought of that and provided you with plenty of tips and solutions in order to give every sleep difficulty you are experiencing a chance of some major improvement! Purchase this guide for easy-to-read information and support for navigating your way through relevant developments and change, as well as gaining a clearer understanding into your toddlers’ life in the present moment.

This beautiful guide has over  pages of information for you to access and refer to when it is needed.


Sleep Associations
Sleep Regressions
Separation Anxiety
Favouring One Parent
The Last Nap Drop
Early Morning Waking
Goodbye Dummy Advice
Sleep Clocks
Cot-to-Bed Transition
Sleep Disruptions
Settling Strategies
Nutrition and Fussy Eating
Bonus Sibling Section

And so much more!

*** This guide also includes two exclusive print offs!

Created for first, second, third time parents and beyond.

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