Virtual Home Support 3 months – 5 years


Is your child to struggling to achieve the quality sleep that they need, or you just don’t know where to begin? Would you like some 1:1 help to navigate through this during an online face to face chat? For up to 2 hours, this consultation package allows the support to come to you via a variety of online portals. Here, you get a visual experience in how to settle your child though our support and demonstrations. We get to talk through your personalised plan, assess the sleep environment and make any adjustments straight away. This package includes a further 7 days of help and guidance to ensure you never look back.

You will receive

  • Preliminary sleep questionnaire allowing me to get to know and assess your personal situation
  • Follow up introductory phone call and discussion
  • 1 week of support when implementing your personalised sleep plan
  • Access to our online sleep log so we can both can keep track of progress throughout the 7 days of working together
  • A final email providing future recommendations and routine examples for the next stage of your child’s life

Up to 2 hour virtual sleep consultation to include:

  • Assessment of the sleep environment
  • Discussion of your personalised sleep plan designed specifically for your child
  • 1:1 virtual assistance and coaching of your chosen sleep support method that is suited to your parenting style and your child’s temperament traits


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