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We provide parents with the confidence, knowledge and skills to develop healthy sleep habits that last for life. We help you understand your child’s sleep requirements for each developmental stage, so you are able to support their sleep as they grow.

Our Baby Steps Sleep Consultant has a gentle and responsive, tailored approach, so that every child feels continuously supported, safe and secure throughout the process.

Our goal is that both you and your child will thrive, feel more energised and less exhausted. And we do so by developing your own parenting intuition, empowering you to support your child’s natural ability to sleep independently, all the while enhancing secure parent child relationships.

Specialising in:
Supportive and safe sleeping environments
Unsettled babies
Reflux and colic
Daytime patterns and routines
Cat napping
Night-time feeding
Milestones that can result in sleep disruption
Frequent night time waking
Self settling techniques
Difficult bedtime routines
Sleep regressions
Nightmares and night terrors
Nap transitions
Room transitions
Separation anxiety
Bassinet-cot-bed transitions
Sleep refusal
Dummy weaning or keeping
Early Morning Waking
About Us

Meet the team

Jen is a Certified Baby and Toddler Sleep Specialist, Registered Nurse, and Mother of three. She founded Sleep Thrive Grow to help families achieve healthy, harmonious sleep, so that they can thrive and grow together.

Her approach is a balance of nurturing a baby’s natural capabilities and their individual temperament with their parents’ values and preferences.

She is driven by a strong need to reduce parental anxiety around sleep and to provide parents with the necessary tools and education to better understand their role when it comes to supporting their child’s sleep.

She believes that sleep should not be seen as a luxury, that it is a biological need required for everyday functioning, health and happiness.

Jen has completed a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) at ECU Joondalup and consultant certification at Baby Sleep Consultant Australia. Outside of work she loves being creative, doing arts and crafts with her three children, getting out in nature and exploring new places.

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